First Thing In The Morning

Before everyone starts calling your name. Before your phone starts ringing. Before that inbox is opened up. That 15 minutes after you wake up in the morning - that's your time. Use it for you.

Take this brief window each morning to open your mind and free your body. Nothing complicated - just a few minutes to find yourself in a good space to start the day.

In the time it takes to brew that cup of coffee, it can be done. In fact, that's a good timer for you. Start your coffee maker, and head to your mat.

Perform just a simple Child's Pose. Feel your weight, rock back and forth a few times. The goal here is to be present, get a sense of your body, and calm your mind before you start the day.

Just a few minutes, and add a few of your favorite poses - make it your own routine.

And that's the key... routine. If you can discipline yourself - and those around you - to allow for just this small window of "Me Time" every morning, you'll get to where you'll look forward to it every morning.

We spend too many of our days rushing around, under pressure to get kids delivered, work in on time, under stress. Start your day with a more relaxed mind, a more relaxed body.

You'll be so glad you did.